Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kissy, kissy!

I wore the same skirt today that I wore last night, that I got for my birthday yesterday.

Cardigan: Danier via Value Village
T-shirt: Smoking Lily Hama Hama top
Skirt: Smoking Lily Lilibet skirt
Shoes: Fluevog Prepares | Guide

Today was a Smoking Lily day. Top, skirt, coat and scarf. Fun stuff!

Hey! There was another "under the desk" photo taken by Beth! That's 5! (Me, Sheila, Megan Mae, Izzywizz and Beth!)

Here's the back where you can see the screen print flies a little better.

I don't really have much to share today. Yesterday was such a great day so today was pretty quiet in comparison. So here are 7 random facts about me.

1. When I was a teenager I won a trophy in the sport of Curling.
2. I like reading about infections and parasites.
3. I hate cooking. HATE it.
4. My favourite fruit is raspberries.
5. I'm a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and have been to 2 fight events - one in Montreal and one in Las Vegas
6. I'm allergic to all non-prescription pain killers.
7. I've had surgery 5 times - tonsils, bunion removal, two sinus surgeries, and a tubal ligation.

Fascinating isn't it?

My husband found my photos from the Mercedes-Benz event last weekend.

I don't usually wear lipstick because I tend to lick it all off rather quickly but these photos make me think I should wear it more often.

When I was in high school, I liked to wear bright red lipstick. I stopped after some girls put some quite hurtful messages in the school newspaper about me. I guess they thought I deserved it because I "stole" one of their boyfriends. Girls can be very cruel. You couldn't pay me to go back to being 18.

That's all for tonight. In the words of Miss Piggy "Kissy-kissy!"


  1. I love the whole outfit, top to bottom - the navy Guides are marvelous.

    You look smashing in red lipstick! I think you should bring back that trademark. It really suits you in an Edith Prickley way (and I mean that in a good way - I loved that character).

  2. Hooray! That skirt is uber fabulous. Your Mom did a great job picking it out. I love the pairing of bird and "prey".

    Also yay! for more bloggers-under-desks!

    I love the outfit you wore to the show! Red lipstick looks amazing on you. Poo on teenage girls. They are the most cruel people. Keep on rocking!

  3. LOL, glad to be part of the under desk club!

    Still love that skirt! It looks so great on you!

    I think it's awesome that you used to do Curling! My hubby and I are rather fascinated with Curling.

    And I'm such a big Muppet fan I LOVE that you totally signed off as Miss Piggy would! Kissy kissy!

  4. Hi, I'd love to talk to you for the Coast's style guide, do you have an email where I could reach you?

  5. You look really good in red lipstick! Forget those mean girls...I bet they don't write a cool blog!