Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mercedes Benz Start-up

Canada hasn't really been a big force in the Fashion World - certainly not in the league of Italy, France, England or the United States - but there are some very unique designers here that deserve some higher profile. Some you may have heard of include BB Dakota (Montreal),  comrags (Toronto), Kensie (BC), and Simon Chang (Montreal).

Last night I attended the Mercedes-Benz Start up Fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz dealership here in Halifax. Here's the official description of this project:

Mercedes-Benz Start Up is a competition that provides a national platform to discover and support emerging Canadian fashion designers who have been in business for less than five years.  By connecting these gifted individuals with an experienced panel of industry insiders, the program mentors Canadian talent to help them hone a broad range of skills and elevate their profile through unique and exclusive opportunities.
Earlier this year the competition was in Edmonton and has two more stops - Ottawa and Montreal. It's nice to know that MB, along with IMG International and the Fashion Design Council of Canada are working to help some of the new and talented designers get a leg up into the business.

I know two of the women who were participating in the semi-finalist show last night and my husband has done photography for three of the designers so it was something I didn't want to miss. (My husband was the event photographer so all of these photos are copyright of AlterEgo Photography/Brent McCombs.)

Orphanage Clothing/Kim Munson
I love Kim's designs and how to re-purposes clothing into unique and funky dresses, shirts and trousers.

Everything is so structural with great lines and details.  I heard that the President of the Fashion Design Council bought this last piece straight off the runway which is fabulous for Kim.

Veronica MacIsaac Apparel

Veronica does amazing things with tartan, pleats, and ruffles. Her designs are very tailored and her sewing is amazing. My husband is currently on his way to Cape Breton Island to take photos of her most recent pieces.

Dreamboat Lucy
I'm not familiar with this sister team of designers from PEI but they are apparently quite popular.

I love the zippery trousers, the jewel tone of the burgundy dress, and the orange gown is beautiful. Gorgeous flowing fabrics.

Jere Brooks
Love, love, love these designs.

I went backstage after the show and it took all my will power to not grab that first dress off of the rack. The fabric is totally "Megan". I'm going to have to buy this as soon as I have some money. And that crochet skirt is amazing. AH-MAZ-ING.

The winner was Dreamboat Lucy which is fabulous for them but I couldn't help but feel that all of the designers would have been great representatives of Atlantic Canada.

There's a photo of me somewhere but I can't find it right now. I took this one of myself.

And I didn't really know anyone else there who wasn't either in the show or photographing it so I stood around by myself. Luckily, I do know vodka so I enjoyed its company.

And I surreptitiously took this gentleman's photo since I think he was the best dressed man there by far!

 Love those bow ties.

You can see all the photos from the runway show here.


  1. A beautiful show! I adore everything in the first set. It totally appeals to my post-apocalyptic fashion love.

    I can see why Dreamboat Lucy won. (I need that leather skirt and green top, like whoa) But I think they were all very strong designs.

    Eep, I hate being places where I don't know anyone. I'm sure the drink helped some!

    Also good job on the ninja-photo. That guy is stylin'. I love men's fashion and well dressed fellas.

  2. Wow, all of those designs are really cool. My favourites are that red tartan dress (the back is amazing), the taupe leather skirt, that giant plaid-ish skirt with the slit, the orange gown, and the assymetrical skirt with the grommets.

    How cool that you got to go to this! Sorry that you didn't have any company, but vodka's always good. :) Hee!

  3. Megan! I wish I had seen you! We missed ya at the blogger meet up! Great post! That well dressed gentleman is my brother :)
    check out my post for the event

    xo Mo (curvy geekery)