Monday, May 28, 2012

' ' ' punctuation dress ' ' '

I can be a bit of a stickler for grammar and punctuation so the quirkiness of this dress. 

Dress: Makenew from Love, Me Boutique
Belt: Smoking Lily Obi Belt (not silk, just cotton)
Shoes: Calvin Klein

I went to Love, Me Boutique on Saturday because I saw that they had some new Trapper Jane clothing in stock but of course I looked around at everything in the store. If you're in Halifax you have to visit this store.

Makenew takes clothing and redesigns it to revitalize it and give it new life. For this dress that meant putting gold and silver screen-printed commas or apostrophes all over it. Probably a very time consuming prospect yet this dress cost less than $40.00.

See! All the world's missing commas and apostrophes in one place! 

Speaking of $40.00, I saw these Calvin Klein shoes at Crimson and Clover. Obviously never worn. I thought they'd be a nice pair of basic black maryjane heels.

Wearing this today made me feel very thrifty.

But I have to stop spending money. Must. Stop. Spending. Money.


  1. Since you are my twin, I am totally not surprised that you're a stickler for grammar and punctuation as well. :) I have a running bet at my job that anyone who finds a spelling error (not an obvious typo) or a grammatical error in anything I write gets $5.00. I have not yet had to pay up anything, heh.

    Love all the apostrophes and quote marks on the dress. That is so cute with your SL obi (my new one is 1/2 cotton and 1/2 silk), and those shoes are fabulous!

    How to slow down shopping: adopt a "one in, one out" policy. You'll be surprised how quickly you stop buying things when it means you have to get rid of something else.

  2. Oooh! The dress is so cute. I love repurposing old stuff, so Makenew sounds right up my alley. Also lucky you with those shoes.

    Everytime I get to the "Must. Stop. Spending." stage, I inevitably find something else I need. (Like sandals, I really do only have one pair) It helps not to window shop, the one-in-one-out, or setting personal challenge goals with the stuff you already have.

  3. I was thinking the same thing - must. stop. thrifting. I need to do a serious closet overhaul. Those shoes look ever so elegant, and I like that your dress is full of missing punctuation!

  4. Love this dress! The punctuation pattern is fun! Makenew sounds really cool too!

  5. Now I know where all my commas went :) Whimsical, elegant and environmental. Seems Make New is working on a website. Will check them out when they go live.

  6. if you find something that unique, you just have to buy it! right? (that's what i always tell myself.) i love the dress, it's so quirky and fun!

  7. I love how that dress has been refashioned. The commas (or apostrophes) are too cute. I've been on a shopping bender too and need to reel it in a bit. If I visit Halifax (it's on my list), I'll check out this shop.