Thursday, June 28, 2012


On Tuesday, I grew a Zit of Unusual Size (ZOUS) on my chin. You might not have believed they existed but I can confirm that indeedy they do, and not just in the fire swamp. I didn't have any of these great facial challenges while I was taking the birth control pill but ever since I stopped, pimples have taken to erupting at the most inopportune times and in the most obvious places.

It was on my chin. Thank goodness for make-up and concealer.

Since my face was so obviously flawed, I thought a pretty dress would make me feel better.

Dress: Free People
Shoes: Miz Mooz

My coworker complemented me on my dress and asked if it was new. I told him that I've worn it to work before and then I looked it up on my blog and told him that I wore it on January 5. Thank you blog!

The embroidery at the bottom of the dress reminds me of bats...and fried eggs or donuts?  Odd that.

This dress is quite forgiving of any figure flaws and it also covers my tattoos so I don't feel like I have to wear a cardigan or jacket.

Here's the back of the dress which is almost identical to the front, other than the tie.  Holy slouchy, Batman! What's with the bad posture?

Tomorrow is a Friday before a long weekend. Here's hoping it's QUIET!


  1. It's a teacup dress! I see what you mean about the print. The shape of the dress is so pretty. It's so hard to find unique dresses with sleeves.

    I'm still on HBC and have Zits-Of-Doom on my chin due to hormones all the time. It'd be a million times worse if I went off, so I suck it up and most of the time ignore that I have an extra mark once in awhile. Acne sucks.

  2. I love that dress! What a lovely pattern of bats you're wearing. Hee, I've has ZOUSs - very nasty.

    You need to do pee push-ups - they'll fix your posture. My posture has dramatically changed since I started doing them about 3 years ago. Not to mention - I have pipes!

  3. Oh, and you're a funny writer - your "voice" comes through really well in your blog posts. I always enjoy reading them, not just looking at the purty pictures.

  4. That is a precious dress in the best sense. I get a French countryside vibe here. Beautiful.

  5. Pretty dress, reminds me of white and blue tiles :)
    I am also having a relaxed wear day today, some days I just can't be bothered and have to wear something slouchy...

  6. Ugg, acne. I have so much trouble with acne! It's mostly hormonal and there's really not much I can do about it. So I invest in decent makeup!

    I love this dress! I would say that the bottom print mostly reminds me of donuts, but that's probably because you said it first, lol.

  7. I love the blues and this dress does remind my of my mom's fave Blue Willow china. I even have my Dad's (yes, my Dad's) Blue Willow china tea set from when he was a kid.

    Zits. Oh. Girl. I am kissing 50, and my face is worse than it was when I was 14. It's not fair. But that sounds whiny, so I'll just say thank goodness my health insurance covers prescription Metrogel :P