Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crowds of beautiful colours, indifferent to what you believe

First off, an apology for these photos.  I forgot to readjust my ISO so these are quite grainy.

Jacket: Biscuit General Store
Necklace: Pretty Chic
Dress: from Reykjavik (last worn here)
T-shirt: the Gap
Shoes: Fluevog Presence | Impulse

Not much to say about a red dress and a brown jacket. The dress is made out of handwoven fabric and is fairly simple other than the single front pleat.

It's just an A-line dress. Simple simple. And of course I wore my new shoes.

I came home from work today and discovered that my TV was broken and ants were in the kitchen. So I cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor and tidied my laundry room. My dishwasher and washing machine are also broken so the repair person is coming on Friday. Now they will see how clean those two rooms are.

Look! Crazy outtake. Someone barged into the lunchroom rather suddenly right as my camera took the photo.  This shot reminded me a little bit of Melanie from Bag and a Beret. Go visit her blog since she's fabulous.


  1. I love that last photo.

    I should try to photobomb one of your shoots.

  2. Sometimes simple is best, especially when showcasing gorgeous fabric and awesome shoes. So glad they finally made their way home!

    Love the outtake photo. You look like you're about to run.

  3. That last photo is awesome! It does remind me of Melanie - she's the coolest ever (aside from you, of course, duh).

    Love the simplicity of the outfit - it really shows off YOU, instead of the individual pieces all being "star" pieces. The shoes look great!

  4. Oh wow this dress is utterly amazing and the fabric just leaps out through the photos. Everything about this dress is exactly perfect.

    Gotta love the blooper pics, although I try to delete mine ASAP. Knowin' my family so well, those would be the ones they'd use in the slide show at my funeral :P

  5. Bwa-ha-ha. I love your last photo! It's a keeper. I'm SOOO happy you got your shoes. I knew they'd come - they say lost emeralds always find their way back to their owners. It's the same with lost Fluevogs. I've been catching up on your posts, such a delinquent I am! All spectacular but my fave is Mr. Hitchcock and his birds. You think I'm fab? Hee hee! I think YOU'RE fabulissimo!

  6. I love this dress, simple is good sometimes! The cut and color of it is fantastic. And hooray for your new shoes! And I like the last picture, I realize it's a blooper but it almost looks intentional! It's fun!

  7. There is a definite Melanie-vibe to the last photo. Perhaps we should have a Melanie tribute day on our blogs where we all do a similar pose. I am crushing all over that dress ---looooovvvve the colour and the shape!

  8. love the simple shape of this dress with the texture/color of the fabric. Such a classic look.