Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on

This weekend was hot, which normally I don't mind, but it was also humid which makes me irritable and cranky. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

It was a long weekend too, like in many other parts of Canada, but the only exciting thing I did was buy a new washing machine. This really is exciting since we've been without one for about 3 weeks now. Our old one does sort of work, it just doesn't spin all the water out of the clothes so it takes almost 2 hours to dry some things in the dryer.

Enough of that thrilling laundry talk!

It's still humid so I just wanted to wear something loose and flowy. 

Blouse: Vero Moda (last worn here)
Skirt: RW&Co (last worn here)
Shoes: Chie Mihara (last worn same day as the blouse)
Necklace: Pretty Chic

I'm not overly thrilled with this but it was comfortable enough. I almost had an embarrassing moment when walking upstairs I stepped on the skirt. Whoops.

I wore these shoes in honour of the Curiosity rover's landing on Mars. Space and science RULE!

My necklace also almost looks like planets. Quite a coincidence.

Tomorrow I'm off to Toronto for 1 1/2 days of meetings. I hope to go and visit the Fluevog store while I'm there. Hopefully I'll find something nice in the sale.


  1. I do get a kick out of your Duran Duran post titles.

    That is one of the dangers of long skirts - always lift them when doing stairs!

    Hurray for science! Science!

  2. Oooh my favorite shoes ever! So cute, and perfect for the Curiosity landing. I was so happy to actually get to watch it in real time. The necklace does have a very spacey feel to it.

    Good luck at the Fluevog store. I'd warn you to stay away from the Vera Ellen boots. >.> The leather is soft as glove leather and I may or may not have bought a pair and gave them to the Hubs to gift to me later.

  3. Ooooh, please pet the shoes for me in the Fluevog store :)

    I love your "planet" shoes and necklace. Comfy is good, although I can relate to stepping on my own long skirts in the stairwell of the historic house where I work. Doing it while going down the stairs is especially bad.

    Congrats on the new washer! :)

  4. You shoe flasher! And holy constellations Batman, nice neckpiece. Comfort is paramount in humidity, for sure. Good luck with your shopping in Toronto. I have a feeling there's something special waiting for you. I agree, science rocks!

  5. Ah, so the Duran love extends to the Power Station too, nice!
    That does look like a cool outfit, on the rare occasions it gets really hot and humid here, I just wilt. I wear maxis a lot and have become adept at a little skirt hitching when using the stairs. Tricky when your hands are full though...
    The shoes and planetary necklace are beautiful tributes to the wonders of space exploration.
    Good look on the Fluevog hunt. xxxx

  6. Your necklace is really neat! I like it! I've totally stepped on skirts before too, darn my being short. We're in the market for a new washer too, ours is leaking. How fun!

  7. Argghh!! You're going to be so close! Too bad I'm working or I would offer to meet you for coffee or lunch in Toronto. Love the necklace and those amazing shoes. Have fun at the Fluevog store.

  8. You look beautiful So pritty blouse! Kisses

  9. I share an office building with some space researchers, I always walk really slowly past their offices in case anything exciting is happening. They have models of spaceships in there!

    Have fun in the Fluevog store!

  10. Pretty look! I love the way you accessorized it! Love those Chie Mihara shoes! I am sure you will find something fabulous at the Fluevog sale in Toronto as the prices just dropped again, I couldn't resist and got 4 more pairs!