Friday, November 30, 2012

Two for one

I didn't blog yesterday because I went out to a charity event for Dress for Success, drank a little too much and went right to bed after coming home.  I think...

Here's what I wore yesterday.

Shirt: Spaks Mannsspjarir from Reykjavik
Dress: from Crimson and Clover (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Boots: from Las Vegas (last worn here)

The big silver necklace I got at Meow in Guelph. I found it in my desk drawer at work. I've been looking everywhere for it. I last wore it in February. Whoops.

I started the day wearing these shoes but I put my boots on because I was cold. Stupid winter. That's also why I put a sheer shirt on under this dress. Added warmth.

I don't know why I'm standing pigeon toed in this photo.

Here's what I wore today. Not very adorned or inspired. What can I say? I was hung over.

Shirt: Papillon (last worn here)
Jeans: Trapper Jane (last worn here)
(apparently I've worn this combo before)
Boots: Fluevog Rivers (last worn here)

Kinda boring. I should have worn a sweater with this because I froze all day.

I don't know what I'm looking at here. God I look tired. Maybe I should go to bed now...Zzzz.


  1. You always get great shots at work - funny about the IT guy in your previous post...
    If you sell your house and move to Paris or London, that would be very cool. I'm just catching up - you look fabulous in all these latest outfits. Your tattoo is amazing. Can't believe you didn't flinch!

  2. I do so love your boots, especially the ones with the buckles - you've got great taste, they're made from such lovely fine leather. Yay for finding your necklace because look how amazing it looks with your dress and tights!! Have a lie-down love, I hope you have some healing sleep:) xo

  3. I love all the textures in that first outfit - so lovely.

  4. That dress is one of my favourites of yours, and the Rivers boots are gorgeous! My hands want to do strange things in photos - claws! - I have no idea why either. :)