Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now that we both partake can silence kill the cat?

Recently some of my girl friends and I have been discussing what we want to do with our lives. Just because we're in our 40s doesn't mean we've got things all figured out. We keep coming back to two different plans:

  1. Sell our houses and move to London to become bloggers
  2. Sell our houses and move to Paris to ride bicycles (a velo!)
In both scenarios, we own a lot of cats. Crazy cat lady bloggers! Not likely to happen but we can dare to dream.

So in honour of our future dream, I wore my crazy cat lady dress.

Cardigan: Part Two (from local store Rennaisance)
Dress: from (last worn in the first post of this blog)
Belt: Noujica from The Workshop in Ottawa
Shoes: Asos (last worn here)

You have to look closely to see that the motif is black cats sitting on circles.

The only way I'd like this dress more is if it had pockets. It's fully lined and is made of a nice thick fabric.  It might look nice with a crinoline underneath it since the skirt is nice and full. Twirly!

I like the slightly scooped back which give it a slightly "ballet" feel.  Reminds me of the leotards that I used to wear at ballet class.



  1. Great dress! Come to the UK, doesn't have to be London, bring your cats, it'll be fun!
    Oh and bring your shoes, I wanna borrow that pair... And maybe a few others besides. xxx

  2. Forgot to say - jerkins and merkins? TOTALLY different! Fabulous words though. See if you can shoehorn them into a sentence today. Tomorrow. Time difference confusion... xxx

  3. You look wonderful - what a great cut on you. I like the defined waist a lot too. The cat pattern is so awesome. Could you wear the dress backwards as well? It looks like it would work that way.

    I want to open a store that sells all kinds of beautiful things, second hand and locally-made, and just shop for it all day...and have many cats and eat a lot more chocolate.

  4. I think this dress is just lovely - the sleeves, the shaping and the scooped back and it goes without saying the fabric is lovely. I like Sheila's idea (comment above) which involves a second hand store and chocolate. I cannot see myself being an adminstrator all my working life, I would like to work part time and be a union advocate. You have an amazing shoe collection - I often wonder how you store them!!

  5. Too funny. I have a girlfriend who lost her husband recently; she and I have plans to build a house in Colorado and be crazy dog ladies if something happens to my husband. However I like your ideas better...although I might go for Amsterdam to bike ride. Paris, I would be living in the museums....

  6. I'm totally ready to become a crazy cat lady living the life in some dreamy land.

  7. Kiiiitty dress! So so cute. The shape is perfect, especially with sleeves! The belt is a great color match for the dress.

    I want to design leather goodies and spend all day picking out gorgeous leathers. I want to have a studio and lots and lots of cats. Fostering Momma-cats with new litters is my dream, but I do get very attached. I wish I could do it full time.

  8. I am all for dreams and cat dresses. Hurrah to you, my glorious friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  9. I think you should do either one of those plans. We only live once and it goes by so quickly after 50. I'm tellin' ya!! Do it!

    I love the dress. Maybe you can get an alterations lady to put pockets in it for you. I just love pockets. Life feels so comfy with pockets.

  10. I love your plans! You're never too old to stop dreaming! And I agree, MOAR CATS!!!

  11. Can't have cats because of allergies, but I would LOVE to have a cat print dress! Great pattern, great shape and it looks great with those shoes. Joni's right, time starts speeding by at rocket speed after 50 so enjoy it while you can - live, love, laugh and continue to dream big (and blog!).

  12. That is ADORABLE!! I love the cat print dress!! xoxo Lynn

  13. Gorgeous dress and t-strap shoes. Would be great with a crinoline, but I really like the sleek look of this outfit without. Happy dreams!