Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Black, Blue and Tulle

Thank you to all the new people who came to my blog from Already Pretty and made nice comments. I appreciate the feedback.

I'd also like to thank the people in the "Get off my internets" forum who were not as complementary about my blog or my clothing choices. They didn't bother me - in fact I quite enjoyed some of their thoughts. I like a good snark as much as the next person. Particularly this one:
just wanted to say how much I love this lady Sal chose to feature. I want her to be my 7th-grade English teacher who rides to school on a Vespa and always talks about her experiences at summer art camp, and then years later we all find out it was actually a nudist colony or something.
 HA! One time, at band camp...

 and this one:

What in God's name is happening in the middle picture?  No problem with this lady, but this outfit makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.
 Good to know. I'll not wear that combo again.

Enough about that!

Dress: Stills (never heard of this brand before) from Crimson and Clover
Tulle Underskirt: Noa Noa (last worn here)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Miss L Fire (last worn here)

I bought this dress at the consignment store on Saturday. It's just a basic shirt dress but what drew me to it was the rucheing at the waist. I also quite like that it does up with snaps instead of buttons.

I was running late this morning so I didn't get to the accessory stage of dressing so this is a little plain.

The shoes and blue tights do jazz it up a bit but I probably should have worn a necklace or a brooch. Next time.

I can't believe it's 2 weeks until Christmas and I haven't bought a thing. Zoinks! Better get on that.


  1. You wear whatever the heck you want! You look lovely. And "Throw up in my mouth a little bit" is a tired cliche and people should stop saying it.

  2. It's a cute shirt dress! I like the pretty pretty shoes.

    I'm cringing over those comments - how awful! People are so rudeeee. I once had my earlier blog photos linked on a hair site commenting that a girl didn't want her hair to turn out like mine when it was orange-red. I loved my hair that color, it was so bright and fun. It still hurt my feelings to have people say negative stuff about me.

    Don't let the haters get to you, Megan. They're everywhere, but you've got friends here in the blog world supporting you and your fabulous style.

  3. Ha, I got hit by the "Get Off My Internets" people a couple of years ago - it crushed me until I realized that the snarkfest would have happened about anyone, not just me. So let it go - laugh at it. You're famous! :)

    I love the blue underskirt. Noa Noa makes great ones. I've seen that Still name around.

  4. I started reading your blog long before I discovered "get off my internets." They're both lots of fun, and the bit you quote above about the 7th grade teacher and her Vespa made me smile. Rock on!

    (And I like how you wore the tulle underskirt here.)

  5. Megan, you are so fabulous I almost can't stand it! I love your style :-) Some folks just can't stand such magnificent individuality. Keep it up!

  6. Hi Megan, you're handling the hatas like a pro! And do you follow Kingdom of Style? Queens Marie and Michelle seem like your sartorial cousins. Best

  7. Okay, I actually LOVE that 7th grade teacher, I am serious.

    That is a great dress, and the ombre effect of this outfit is grand. "Accessory stage." :)

  8. What a cool dress - so many possibilities. I like the way you added length with the tulle underskirt. The blue shoes are gorgeous!

    I love the description of the 7th grade teacher. It sounds like The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (and she was pretty stylin').

  9. You weren't my 7th grade art teacher?

    So disappointed.

    Lovely, as always, Meegie.


  10. Oh, and as for GOMI, they are often so right on, especially when confronting bigotry, racism, religious intolerance, etc.,--but I find often when they talk fashion it seems strained--I mean, we all just have different style, you know? I love them, and I love your style!

  11. I agree on what others said about the GOMI people. Like you I appreciate a good snark, but they can take it too far. Just gotta laugh it off, like Sheila said, you're famous if nothing else.

    And I think your outfit today is awesome!

    Congrats again on the feature on Sal's blog!

  12. I love those shoes! Kisses x x x x

  13. Lovey love love those shoes, and the addition of the tulle petticoat to the black frock.
    I only heard about GOMI and Shamepuff after two of my dearest blog buddies were featured. Funny, isn't it, how I have quite a laugh at them skewering bloggers I don't know and don't follow, but as soon as the bile is directed at women I DO know and very much like and respect, I am less amused... I don't mind them having a pop at the professional bloggers, but not those who just blog their outfits for fun and friendship, that just seems like misdirected bitching...
    Laughing it off is definitely the way to go, and the teacher quip is actually quite sweet!
    Now do a nude Vespa shoot, that'll give 'em something to talk about! xxxxx

  14. The people who bitch about other people's style are just insecure. They need to get a life! I absolutely love your clothing combinations, Megan, and I think they're improving with every post. Wear whatever your little heart desires - it's all good.

    BTW I'm old enough to have been *your* 7th grade teacher. ;)

  15. I think the comment about "7th Grade Teacher" was kind of cute, but I do think that a website devoted to bitching about people is just adding to already staggering amount of negativity in the world. Love the blue tulle peeping out from the bottom of the dress!