Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you can't beat them, go completely overboard

Ah Valentine's day.

As a married person, Valentine's Day was an annoyance. As a separated person, it's a pretty good reason to hit the bottle. Luckily, I have dumped all the alcohol out. Except for the beer I bought tonight at the mall. But that's another story.

Anticipating that today was going to be a difficult one, I decided to just go totally bonkers with the red clothing.

Look at me embracing the day that is named after Saint Valentine. Even making a cute heart with my hands.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: Eshakti (last worn here)
Tights: ?
Shoes: Franco Sarto (last worn here)

Red hair, red lips, red cardigan, red dress, red shoes. I had put on red tights but it was just too much. Even for me, who loves red.

and a red vintage slip!

And a pin with a skull on it. To demonstrate my true feelings about this day. o_O

Here's an outtake. I was trying to take the above photo when my coworker came into the kitchen. This is me covering my tracks and pretending that I wasn't doing anything. I like the look on my face.

I'm currently sitting on my couch, with my fireplace on, my cat at my side, waiting for my Swiss Chalet dinner to arrive. Including apple pie. I'm making the best of things.

My coworkers were so very good to me today. As difficult as things can often be at work, it's much easier to go in every day when you work with good people.

So good day to you Valentine's day. I said GOOD DAY!


  1. Totally lovely look! The black tights keep the whole thing from being tooo sweet, but it is a rad look for an over-commercialized holiday.

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  3. Coming out of lurking for 6 mos. or so to say, you look amazing! Don't let V-Day rain on your parade. And when you are ready, ENJOY being single.

  4. Such cute pictures, and again, you are so lucky to have good colleagues. I have a few (out of many).

    Love the red slip, and a quiet evening alone (which is what I'm having because hubby is busy. Alone time is good!).

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  6. How did I miss this one? Who knows...
    Love the red outfit, great dress, and I do love a petticoat flash!
    VD (ha!) doesn't do it for me, so I appreciate your take on it, Megan. xxx