Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yeah, Poppies

Tonight I made a new friend. It's name is "rubber mallet". It's a long boring story but suffice it to say, I ended up buying a mallet and making a crappy clothing rack my bitch. And the lesson learned today is "don't buy anything if it doesn't fasten together with screws or bolts" if you want it to stay together longer than 10 minutes. Also, don't expect a $20 clothing rack to hold an excessive amount of clothing.

Moving on!

A few months ago, eShakti asked me to participate on their customer panel where I would need to look at pictures of new designs and answer questions about them. I was pretty happy to do it and it was kind of fun. In return, they sent me $100 gift certificate.  Here's one of the dresses I got.

Cardigan: Pretty Things Boutique
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Franco Sarto (last worn April 26)

It's just a plain shift dress but I liked the poppy embroidery and it has pockets. Pockets are happy making.

I took these photos in Boardroom 3B because my secret lunchroom seems to be being used more often. Nice map of Toronto behind me, eh?  The sticky notes have the first 3 digits of postal codes on them. Not sure why.

I'm wearing beige fishnets. My legs are still kind of bruised from moving boxes and furniture around my apartment so the fishnets provide a little bit of coverage without being too warm. I tend to bruise very easily. You just have to look at me harshly and I get a bruise. Oh, so sensitive.

I was in Ottawa yesterday with my new bosses so I didn't feel comfortable enough to take photos. I wore this dress, this jacket, and these shoes so you can image it for yourself.


  1. I like your boardroom - it's cool. Ours don't have maps in them.

    I like the poppies - and yes to pockets! I wish my b/w skirt yesterday had pockets!

  2. Lovely dress! Love the poppies.

    Ugh cheap clothing racks! If I could find one that was actually sturdy, I'd pay for it. But almost every single one has plastic! Mine was about $40 and lists to one side with my dresses and skirts. It's held together with a wish and a prayer.

    One day I'm going old-school hardware store and building my own.

  3. I enjoyed catching up here. All your lovely dresses back in action. And killah shoes to boot (to shoe?, to bootie?). Clothing racks, I suggest those stores that cater to clothing retailers. I've got an awesome heavy duty one on casters and nothing will bring that sucker down, even though I had been using it to hang my art pieces for a while. But I'm glad you beat your rack into submission?! It's a good thing that new Fluevog store is tricky to get to.

  4. I'm looking at you really nice so you won't get bruised. Cute dress, and I like it with the cardi and those great shoes!

    Sort of rhyming there...

  5. Ahhhh I love that poppy dress.
    I was mssing you dear Megan.

  6. Nice dress - really like it with the cardigan and shoes

  7. lovely poppies detail, and so fabulous shoes (as usual)
    and that fishnets seem a nice solution for warm temperatures!

  8. If you just want a hanging rail, I got my metal one with castors from Ebay - it wasn't very expensive, there was a variety of lengths, and it's very sturdy.
    Great dress, love the poppies, and of course, excellent shoes!
    I am always covered in bruises too, but I put it down to my general clumsiness and lack of grace/co-ordination, rather than sensitivity! xxxx

  9. The dress is simple shape, but the poppy embroidery and pockets makes it cool. eShakti has been contacting a few of the bloggers I follow lately - their name has been popping up in a number of recent posts.

    A rubber mallet is a very useful item to have around - you never know what household item you may have to beat into submission. I'm looking for a sturdy clothing rack too.

  10. I'm transfixed by the map!
    My first visit to your world and I love how you sneak around the office and take outfit pix. This is my favorite location of what I've seen.

    OK, so if I TEAR myself away from the map, you've got a lovely red /orange + blk thing going on here.

    1. I took today's photos in front of the map again. Whoot!