Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sing Blue Silver

Friday is Casual Day when we usually get to wear jeans, which would totally work for the blue day on Neutrals Week, but I decided to wear this dress. It was created by a local designer whose clothing line is called Cranky. My husband does some photography for her so sometimes he brings home things he thinks I might like. This dress has pockets so it's totally me.

Blouse:  Winners
Dress: Cranky
Shoes: remixed Chie Mihara

This photo makes me laugh because it looks like I only have one leg coming out of the middle of my body. Just call me Lowly Worm.

I bought this sweater a few years ago from Anthropologie. It has a pretty surprise on the back of birds and flowers.

Since I'm a knitter people often ask me if I made the sweater which is quite flattering. There's no way I could ever make the design on the back.

I wore my Chie Mihara Rostar shoes with stars, a moon, and comet trails on the heels. I love these shoes.

Happy weekend from Lowly!


  1. Lovelovelove those shoes! The dress is very pretty, I love pockets on a dress too.

  2. the shoes are amazing! and a dress with pockets is always good!

  3. I love Lowly Worm! Richard Scarry!

    Awesome, awesome shoes. I covet.