Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter white

I forgot my camera yesterday so I didn't get an outfit photo yesterday. Sorry loyal readers. =)

I've hadn't really considered about wearing this cream springy dress during the winter but after I saw Terra's outfit on Stylish White Female I had an idea to make it more seasonably appropriate but adding this tulle jacket/overdress thingy that I bought in San Francisco a few years ago.

Tulle Jacket/overdress: Krista Larson (bought at Kati Koos in San Francisco)
Dress: Noa Noa (ebay)
Shoes: Fluevog Miracle | Hollie

This is only the second time I've worn this jacket (really, what should I call this?) and I was really pleased how this all came together.

 I had to add some colour so I pulled out this olive shoes that my husband bought me in Vancouver a few months ago. This 3" heel is higher than most of my shoes so I try not to wear these when I'm going to be doing much walking. They're definitely "sitting down all day" shoes.

This weekend my husband's photo studio is hosting a "formal" dress Holiday party. I bought a dress tonight at Banana Republic for 40% off that's pretty sparkly. I'm excited to get dressed up. Hopefully I'll get some photos since there should be a camera or two around.


  1. Those are killer shoes - great colour.

  2. That dress is so fairytale like... It reminds me of little wood nymph's who wander through the forest. It's so wonderful!


  3. Hey! Thanks for posting! I designed the shoes you are wearing!