Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wash away the rusty disease of your brown town days in our silver sea

Today's Neutrals Week challenge was brown. I had planned a completely different outfit but when I put it on it didn't look like I had hoped so I made a quick switch.

Jacket: Biscuit General Store (local store)
Dress: local designer from Dress Me Up
Skirt: Mod Cloth
Shoes: Fluevog Rivers

This dress used to be 5 cms shorter but there was enough of a hem so I could let it down but I still feel more comfortable.

I bought this dress a few years ago at a used clothing store that also sells local designs because I fell in love with the fabric.


It's a wonderful shiny fabric with these great bees on it.

My tights look like woven squares so I have a little pattern mixing going on again today.

The shoes are Fluevog from the Rivers family but I can't remember their name. Nice simple flats.

The blog entry title is a line from a Duran Duran song "To the Shore". 


  1. Hoooow cute! Seriously, I squeaked a bit. I lovelovelove that dress. The fabric is subtle, but adorable. I'm still swooning over this one ant print dress I saw on pinterest.. and my favorite shoes are the fly london heels. And I hate bugs! I think they make such a unique print/detail for clothing though.

  2. I love the bees on your dress! My Smoking Lily bug scarf would go so well with it.